Prüm and Enztal Route

The athletic bike ride along the cycle path runs from Enztal Pronsfeld via Arzfeld and Neuerburg to Holsthum. In the "opposite direction", in the sense of a circular course or on its own you can take the Prümtalroute which connects Minden on Irrel, Prüm, Waxweiler and Stadtkyll.
In Irrel the "Irrel Waterfalls" and "Teufelsschlucht” with their exploration of nature centre will offer a short
A few kilometres upstream cyclists reach in the northernmost hops grown in Germany. The several meters high, green hops plants around the city Holsthum on long poles around the sky grow are hard to miss during harvest time. Gladly the hops farmer will offer an insight into his work around the noble beer.
A good next step is a
eather worth at “Biersdorf” by the front of the Bitburger reservoir. Shortly afterwards, the Hamm castle offers the largest of the still-inhabited Eifel castles, impressions in the late Middle Ages fortifications. Via Waxweiler and Pronsfeld (connection Enztal cycle path) you can finally reach the abbey town of Prüm with grave Emperor Lothar I in the Basilica of St. Salvator. From here you can ride to the Prüm source in the bog area at Ormont and beyond through the quaint valley of Throws up to Stadtkyll.

Die Südeifel - Aktiv

Die Südeifel bietet für Jung und Alt viele Möglichkeiten der Freizeitgestaltung....



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