Ballooning over the “Südeifel”

The ballooning is the gentlest way to choose between heaven and earth to drift away among light winds over the Eifel. Sunshine and mild to weak winds are ideal conditions for a safe and beautiful balloon.
Chair: Ulrike and Friedrich Schmidt

Dress yourself and the respective sports season. Hard, ankle-high footwear is very important for a safe stand-off and landing.

Physical fitness and health, in addition to the previous lack of alcohol should be self-evident. Ask your home doctor or the balloon guide, if in doubt. Your safety is the top priority.
Event History
Starting and riding will be in the morning after sunrise in the warm season the onset of thermals, and in the evening after Thermik end. In the cold season we may ride on the day concerned.

Three people and the pilot are lifted from the balloon. The upgrade takes a balloon with an established team and helps the passengers about 30 minutes.

The Landing is on a suitable landing ground (dirt lawn, etc.) approximately 1-hour ride is usual.
Audience: All ages

Duration: 3-4 hours

Seasonal binding: none; depending on the weather conditions and the thermal

Please accept, if the ballooning may be shorter due to unforeseen weather changes or if it has to be cancelled at the launch site.
Phone / Fax: Tel: 02203/62585 or Cologne Übereisenbach 06524/7054
Address: 54689 Übereisenbach or 51143 Köln, Hauptstr. 315

Die Südeifel - Aktiv

Die Südeifel bietet für Jung und Alt viele Möglichkeiten der Freizeitgestaltung....



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