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There are many good "GRÜNDE/REASONS" to spend your holiday in the area of the three valleys OUR, GAY and ENZ, in the vernacular called "GRUND".
You are in the heart of the German-Luxembourg Nature Park with much flora and fauna at an altitude of 220 to 500m. Numerous well-maintained bike and walking paths create a diverse recreational area in a largely intact natural resources with a healthy mountain climate.
You can choose between modern hotels, inns, private guest houses, holiday homes and apartments.

There are several campsites and a youth camping ground available. Holiday on a farm offers an insight into country life.
Attractions are offered in abundance, e.g. the monastic church in Roth which is a picture book of ecclesiastical architecture, Falkenstein castle, the renovated Vianden castle, the stately manor houses in Niedersgegen and Kevenig castle, Lascheid chapel in Mettendorf, Europe's largest pumping-storage power station near the Our. On the large forest from Nusbaumerhardt and Hunnenkopf, with many relicts and monuments from Celtic and Roman times, are the recreation areas Biesdorf, Kruchten, Hommerdingen and Nusbaum, the big Kammerwald with the royal oak is located between the recreation areas Körperich, Geichlingen, Bauler, Falkenstein and Keppeshausen.
The gastronomy offers home style cooking, which also satisfies gourmets.

Specialties of our region will be offered everywhere. Fine spirits, premium ham, baked and smoked have a delicious taste.
Except for the shown sports opportunities, there are further possibilities for active holiday-makers such as canoeing, glider flight, bowling, etc. on.

Worthwhile day trips are e.g. the Mosel, the city of Trier, Luxembourg City, the Luxemburger Switzerland Mullerthal, Vianden and its castle, water reservoir, the Eifelmaare and zoos in Lünebach and Gondorf.

In the designated bird conservation areas, you will find a great diversity of birds and plants (kingfisher, water blackbird, herons and 32 species of orchids).

Die Südeifel - Aktiv

Die Südeifel bietet für Jung und Alt viele Möglichkeiten der Freizeitgestaltung....



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